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The Dragon

The Dragon she watched
Those smoke rings curl up
Through the jagged chimney
And into the clearer sky

There they drifted lazily
Among the clouds and such
Things that occupy the air
To squander in the wind

Until one day a black bird
Remained unsatisfied with the
lazy rings she blew
And so complained

So perturbed was the dragon,
She huffed and puffed a great
Ring, greater than any precedent
And it fell flat

And again she tried with a mighty
Heave to blow away the doubters
And show that black bird
What she could do.

The black bird watched with
Attentive, precise eyes
As the dragon floundered
In the wallows of her own debacle

The black bird shot through the dead rings
Straight into the dragon's face
Squawking and squawking and squawking some more
While the dragon rose to her feet

The dragon
With the bird on her neck and rings in the air
Struggled to breath those big brash rings
The black bird yearned to fly in

It's an eternal struggle
With a bird and dragon
For the perfect ring
That will appear

The Dragon