Phoebe’s “Great” Grandmother

Phoebe’s “Great” Grandmother

Chapter 1


Paige Sully was pretending she was in a flying car with her robot maid with a TV in the car and playing with a remote control car that brought her pancakes. She also pretended that her brother, Sam, was wearing a jet pack that had tons of TVs, food, etc.


Phoebe Sully was daydreaming about her great-great grandma, Paige and life in 2013. “Wake up” said her brother, James, wearing his jet pack to college. Phoebe who was in 4th grade was jealous. “Get your jet pack I’m taking you to the diner mom left for work and dads at the work too” “I thought you were going to college” Phoebe said to James. “I’m just dropping you off. Kimberly’s there with her parents” Kimberly was Phoebe’s best friend since prep session (Pre-School). “I’ll grab my meo (money) for ilo (ice cream)”. After watching TV on her jet pack they arrived at Selo Diner. Kimberly was waiting outside watching a movie in her parents flying car (despicable me 10.) “Hi” said Kimberly. And they set off to the Selo Diner.

Chapter 2

When they came in Kimberly was talking as usual when it hit Phoebe. There was a picture of her great-great grandmother on the wall. Phoebe stood still. Kimberly stopped talking for a second. “What?” she asked Phoebe who stood there speechless. She went to the Selo Diner a million times and never saw this. “Hey, I saw the same picture in my textbooks” said Kimberly. “And you never told me?” said Phoebe. “She invented all of this, didn’t you know?” Kimberly asked. “Not at all!” admitted Phoebe. “How can I be so dumb?” whispered Phoebe to herself.

“Kim, Phoebe – dinner is here” said Mrs. Marshall, Kim’s mom. In 3013 the waiters can read your mind and once they clap, your food comes. Phoebe could not even eat her ilo because she was so shocked.

Chapter 3

The next day at school was the last day of school. This was the best day for Kim and Phoebe. They were nerds so they got teased a lot by the popular kids, mainly Stephanie and Sasha. Stephanie and Phoebe’s grandmothers were best friends and invented almost everything in the town. But Phoebe and Stephanie were archenemies. Stephanie had perfect balance, rich, had a ton of make-up and zero pimples. Phoebe was middle class, had 5 pimples and two left feet.

“So I see you have that shirt” said the snotty Stephanie. “By the way, I took your phone” she said. “That little snot…”said Phoebe under her breath. She needed that to call her mother to pick her up and Kim up from play practice or else they would be here all night! “What are we going to do?” asked Kim. “We are going to get that phone back” murmured Phoebe.

Chapter 4

It was hard to get into Stephanie’s locker they had to get her combination because if they failed a rocket would dart at them. Second, Stephanie hired “Body Guard Robots” which are tons dangerous because they can blow you up. So they had to fit in to a costume to get passed them. And Phoebe had a quirk, she cannot stop laughing after a joke. And unfortunately, Kim just told one. Phoebe laughed non-stop. “Shhhh” whispered Kim. “I can’t help it!” yelled Phoebe. Phoebe gasped – did she seriously just do that? A robot darted out at them!

Chapter 5

Phoebe and Kim ended up with clothes ripped, messy hair and they smelled like smoke. Jessie and James [Phoebe’s siblings] and Beatrice and Simon [Kim’s siblings] were staring at them like they were on fire. ‘’We’re home’’ said Mr. Sully and Mr. Marshalls. ‘’What happened’’ said Mr. Sully. ‘’I’ll explain later’’ said Mrs. Sully. “Go to the new neighbors and deliver this new lonm [lamp] for a moving gift’’. ‘’Ok’’ said Kim and Phoebe. When they knocked on the door a little girl about Phoebe’s age answered the door. “Hi! I am Olivia. I just moved.’’ “Hi! I am Phoebe and this is Kim. Kim smiled. ‘’Were having a sleepover do you want to join?” ‘’Sure ‘’ said Olivia ‘’I’ll get my stuff’’.

Chapter 6

After Olivia and Kim left, Phoebe started to beg her parents for a trip to her grandmother’s old lab. She had learned that all of the things that she uses each day, including the ones of her archenemy, the Body Guard Robots and the darts from the locker, all were invented by her great-grandmother 100 years before. She desperately wanted to go. Her mom had bad news: They could not go! The trip cost 500 meos (money) per person that means, she would need 2,500 meos for the whole family to go. As much begging from Phoebe equaled as many No’s from her parents. “FINE’’ yelled phoebe she marched to her room.

While she was in her room, she thought of ways that she could earn the money. If her grandmother could invent a robot then surely she could think of something! Then, it came to her…she thought that maybe she, Kim and Olivia can have an ilo (ice cream) stand to get enough meo for a tour of the lab!J “Mom can Olivia and Kim come over tomorrow?”

The next day, they did their ilo stand, “OPK” (Olivia, Phoebe, Kim). They made 2,499 meos!!! Just 1 meo off!! ‘’Excuse me, can I please have ilo?” It was a little boy that held out meo in his hand. “YES! What flavor do you want?” said Olivia. ‘’Vanilla, please’.” Once the boy left it was hard to contain their excitement. After Phoebe thanked them she ran up the driveway and screamed ‘’I GOT 2,500 MEO SO WE CAN GO TO THE TOUR’’ she held the meo to her relative’s faces. ‘’Ok! Sully family - get in the car!!!” said her dad.