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The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the Ring

It may seem that the ring was destroyed, but it hit a rock going upward and Gollum hit the rock too. Gollum went back to the mountains where he lives. "Finely the precise is mine"! Gollum said. He chained the ring to him. Some ores found him and took the ring. "Back to Mordor". They said. On the way, Faramir attacked them. "Give me the ring, NOW"! He said. He took the ring to Gondor. He gave the ring to Aragorn. "I thought it was destroyed"!? He said. "No". Faramir said. "You need to take it to Mordor"! He said. Aragorn, Gondorian soldiers and rangers. Elves, and Rohn soldiers marched to Mordor. "Lord of the black land come forth"! Aragorn said. "You again". An ore said. The Battle of the Black Gate began again. Aragorn took the ring to Mordor. "Back in the lava again ring"! He said. He threw it in the lava in Mount Doom and it destroyed. Peace came to Middle Earth again.   THE END

Return of the Ring